Are you renovating, extending or building?

There are 3 main reasons why you might need a new kitchen; a renovation, an extension or building a new house.
Here, we’ve broken each one down so you  can easily identify which process is best suited to your project and know when is the best time to involve us.


An existing home with plans to completely remove and replace the existing kitchen. It can also include moving the kitchen to another location within the existing house and/or making structural alterations (i.e. removing walls) to allow for a better use of space.

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Involves adding building work to an existing home where the kitchen is effected by the planned renovation. Either the kitchen will be in the new extension or it will remain in the existing space. Regardless, a new kitchen is needed.

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New Build

Involves building a new house from the ground up. Whether at the planning stage, frame stage or lock up, this project is considered a New Build.

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No two projects are the same so some of this information might not match your situation exactly. If you need further assistance, please visit one of our showrooms in either Eltham or Blackburn to speak to our helpful staff.

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