Thin Benchtops – All The Rage!

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Thin Benchtops

The options continue!

Hot out of Europe’s Eurocucina Expo in Milan this year is the trend of thin benchtops. One of our top designers, Michael Simpson, was lucky enough to go this year and experience the up and coming trends first hand. Please visit our Facebook page to see pictures from Michael’s great adventure.

Thin benchtops is the new trend; so what does this mean and what products can it come in?

Generally natural stone and reconstituted stones come in a 20mm thickness. This is pretty common and readily available. To see this thickness on display, please visit one of our kitchen showrooms in either Eltham or Blackburn. Some reconstituted stone companies offer even thinner stone. These include brands such as: Stone Italiana, Silestone, Essastone and Caesarstone.

Acrylic benchtops made my Corian can come in thicknesses of 6, 12 and 19mm.

Stainless Steel can be moulded into different thicknesses depending on what you want.

Laminate by Laminex can also be done in thinner benchtop in the both the standard range and Diamondgloss.

Your kitchen designer can help you select the perfect option for your kitchen and lifestyle. Our kitchen showrooms have different options on display. This enables your designer to show you the options while you’re making your decisions. A very practical way of knowing exactly what you’re getting.