Sink Options and Locations

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Sink Options and Locations

Which best suits your new kitchen?

Your sink area is a very important space in your kitchen. There are so many beautiful sinks to choose from, and where to position the sink in your kitchen is an important decision for you to make with your kitchen designer. Sinks can be mounted on top of the benchtop, adding a draining area, and containing water to that space. They can also be mounted under the benchtop, creating a sleek, unbroken benchtop appearance, minimizing the sink area itself, creating an easy-clean space. Both of these sink concepts are on display in our kitchen showrooms, Eltham and Blackburn. Other sink options include a butlers sink, reconstituted stone and moulded acrylic. Whatever your choice and lifestyle requirements, your kitchen designer can help you choose the right sink position for you.

Sink location is commonly in front of a window however, is not limited to this. It can also be placed in an island bench, butler’s pantry or internal wall. Our kitchen showrooms demonstrate these different locations. Once you have confirmed the location of you sink, what you put around it is the next decision. Our kitchen designers agree that locating the sink in between the dishwasher and bin creates good work flow and increases functionality. All of these things will be considered as you kitchen designer designs your kitchen for your needs.

Visit one of our kitchen showrooms to see the options set up in a “real-life” situation.