Celebrity Kitchen – Peter Alexander

TKDC South Yarra

Celebrity Kitchen – Peter Alexander

A Kitchen That Works – A stunning kitchen designed by Michael Simpson for the Pyjama King, Peter Alexander and his partner, hair stylist Tony Reynolds.

Featured in the latest edition of Melbourne Kitchen & Bathroom Design magazine, you’ll find this honest interview with Tony about his motivations and requirements for the project and why he chose to use The Kitchen Design Centre.

What inspired your kitchen makeover?
The kitchen we had was 25 years old and while it still looked good, it just wasn’t functional. I love to cook, so it was important to us to have an expert design it so it looked great and was a pleasure to cook in too.

What did you have in mind?
We entertain quite a bit, but pretty casually, so we wanted to have a really good open space to cook and eat in, as well as for people to be able to mingle.

And how does the kitchen feel now?
There is wonderful flow and plenty of storage so everything has its place. Mike (Michael Simpson, Co-Founder and Director at The Kitchen Design Centre), was just terrific at working through the design to make sure we had everything we needed, as well as introducing us to little touches that make life easier. We don’t know how we ever lived without Servo-Drive [a touch-opening system for cabinets and drawers]!

Why did you choose The Kitchen Design Centre for your kitchen?
I popped into the showroom one day and I was really impressed by the kitchens on display. But more than that, they were solutions-driven. We couldn’t renovate our kitchen until we resolved an issue with our floors, which I explained to a lovely lady in the showroom. Later that day, Mike rang me with a contact that could solve our flooring problem. Three days later, Mike and I began working on the kitchen renovation and the rest is history.

Did The Kitchen Design Centre assist with storage solutions or other design challenges?
Mike and I pulled everything out of every cupboard to see where and how it would be best stored. We troubleshot new issues as they arose, and Mike completely redesigned and rebuilt our laundry too. He did a remarkable job – every square inch of the space was utilised.

Were your expectations met in terms of time frames, design and quality?
Absolutely. So professional. Everyone on the team was amazing and easy to work with. And so diligent that all timelines were met. We couldn’t be happier.

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