Benchtop Edge Profile

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Benchtop Edge Profile

What are the options for a benchtop edge profile and which is best for you?

There are many benchtop edge profiles to choose from. Here is a little information to help you make your decision.

Not only can a kitchen benchtop be designed with interesting shapes, there are also a variety of unique profiles available for the benchtop edges. Designing an interesting benchtop edge can create added character and originality to the benchtop as well as the kitchen design itself. Rather than designing the benchtop to have a simple flat, square edge it can be cut in steps or curves to offer a profile that suits a themed design or offers a feature to the total kitchen design. Some simple options available are bullnose, rolled, and shark-nose. Fancier designs are often named by the company that shapes them, but ogee, waterfall, double bullnose and stepped are common design options. You can even choose a different colour or finish for each layer of the stepped options to create a colourful feature in the benchtop design. There are so many ways to add your own unique style and touch to your kitchen design. The kitchen designers at The Kitchen Design Centre can help you create that perfect space – both practical and beautiful.

Visit one of our kitchen showrooms to see some of these different ideas in the flesh. Alternatively, our Facebook, Houzz and Pinterest pages have great images to help you start to create your dream kitchen.