Your Techno-Kitchen


How to give your kitchen the techno boost it needs

We live in a day and age where technology is booming and the ideas for bringing it into every area of our lives are constant. The challenge is for technology to keep up with the ideas.  This is also true of how technology is implemented in our kitchens and what we do in them. From drawers or cupboards designed to simply charge our mobile phones and computers right down to the most complex of technological appliances, the kitchen can be a hub for it all! Gone are the days of having a wall mounted phone jack for the good ol’ corded Telstra (or Telecom) phone. Most people have mobile phones now, which poses the question, where do we leave this when we’re at home? For some it’s the edge of the kitchen bench, for others it’s the bottom of their handbag or by the computer in another room. Neither of these options are perfect solutions or overly user friendly. So, given you’re planning your kitchen renovation, why not make allowances for smart technology charging and storage.
With the growing use of tablets in the home, a common use for this is to follow a recipe while cooking dinner. Leaving the tablet on the bench can put it at risk of getting damaged so why not accommodate for this need in the design of your new kitchen? There are fittings that drop down from under the overhead cupboards or stands that sit on the bench; the possibilities are endless.
As technology progresses, we expect to see more inventive ideas like touchscreen splashbacks, communication with your appliances (oven or cooktop) from your mobile phone, digital shopping lists, etc. Some of these ideas are already available in some form around the world so why not talk with your designer about what’s possible now so your new designer kitchen can be at the forefront of technology?

Kitchen at the HGTV Smart Home 2013 located in Jacksonville, FL TKDC - Mount Waverley - Corey 13

Tablet-in-the-Kitchen tablet hanging

TKDC - Kew - Haydn 7 labelled chargers

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 Hidden cables multi drawers cupboard