What’s Inspiring Your Kitchen Style?

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There are many things that can inspire your kitchen style. Many people take inspiration from things in daily life, some from things that make them feel a certain way, or carry particular memories. Anything can inspire a kitchen style, and because the kitchen is the most significant area in the home, it is important that it feels inviting, comfortable, and is well-designed. You want to love being in there!
One way to create an amazing kitchen space is with the smart use of colour. Colours can be bright and cheerful, or subtle and restrained. A common error made by many who want to move away from the dark timber kitchens of the 80s-90s has been to choose to decorate in all white or cream. Although this can be done well, it is important to be aware that this can leave your kitchen space feeling bare and clinical, without character. Alternatively, some have used an over-abundance of colour, creating a space that is loud and overstimulating. If you are uncertain about adding colour in the kitchen, a kitchen designer can help you with these choices. They will suggest ways to use colour that will be tasteful and pleasing. Begin by choosing your own preference. Do you like clear, bright, happy colours, or mellow and subdued tones and what best suits the rest of your home. If you’re shy about using colour in permanently fixed positions in your kitchen (splashbacks or cupboard doors), consider using colour in your accessories (vases, fruit bowls, glassware), and evenly space them around the kitchen to liven it up. Alternatively, colour can be brought in through wallpaper, wall paint, tiles, appliances (big and small), or furniture.
Speak to your kitchen designer about how you can bring colour into your kitchen in a way that brings perfect balance to the space.

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