What’s important when renovating the kitchen?


Warwick Beattie, Senior Sales Consultant & Auctioneer, Jellis Craig
2015 Award Winner for Most Recommended Agent in Brunswick & Brunswick East

TKDC sat down with experienced Senior Sales Consultant & Auctioneer, Warwick Beattie from Jellis Craig, to talk about the benefits and gather some handy tips about renovating a kitchen in a home with the aim to sell in the future. Here’s what the award winning agent had to say.

TKDC: Warwick, one of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind is money. People want to know if the value of their home will increase after they’ve spent money on it to renovate. Is this the case? Or will it at least mean a faster sale because all the work is done?
WB: That is a very good question! We are currently finding that the vendors who have gone to the effort to invest money into updating their kitchen are the vendors who are getting paid premium prices for their property. The kitchen is considered one of the most important rooms in a house and if it does not require money to be spent on it, then buyers are more likely to transact at a faster rate.

TKDC: For someone who is renovating now to enjoy the house, but plans to sell it in 5-10 years, what product choices should they be making along the way to ensure a fast and effective sale in the future?
WB: We strongly recommend vendors who want to enjoy the fruits of their labour to not scrimp on the quality of the products they use. This then allows them to sell their property down the track without having to renovate the kitchen again when they sell. Buyers want quality cabinetry because you can really feel the difference.

TKDC: To the home buyer, what are the most important features or products to be used in the kitchen?
WB: Workable bench space, a decent range hood, gas stove top instead of an electric stove top, plenty of cupboard space and a nice benchtop/splashback or tile combination. A lot of buyers are really interested in timber benchtops at the moment otherwise another popular choice is a stone or marble benchtop. Putting in a cheaper laminate benchtop could really impact on the overall price people are willing to pay as they will just have to replace the benchtop themselves after buying the property. Appliance brands include Miele, Bosch, Siemens & Gaggenau. A dishwasher is a must-have!

TKDC: This there a particular kitchen shape that people prefer at the moment?
WB: We are finding that “galley” and “L” shaped kitchens with the additional island benches seem to be most in vogue at the moment.

TKDC: Are home buyers asking for outdoor kitchens?
WB: In our premium properties there usually is some sort of outdoor kitchen or Barbeque area. This is an excellent way to increase value in your home by creating another functional outdoor entertaining area.

TKDC: Is it worth renovating the cabinetry throughout the whole house, or is the kitchen usually enough? Do buyers prefer to purchase a home with a new kitchen, or an old one they can renovate themselves with their own preferences and choices?
WB: I would say that the kitchen should be the main focus. However, if the rest of the home is fully renovated, then it’s important to renovate kitchen too. If the whole house needs renovating, then buyers generally like to do everything, including the kitchen, themselves.

TKDC: Any other handy tips or advice based on your professional experience?
WB: I would recommend avoiding big square floor tiles, this can make the kitchen feel a little dated. Also, try to avoid light coloured tiles as dirt shows up a lot easier and makes it harder to keep the clean look over the years.

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