Under The Sink

Under sink 1

In your average kitchen, access to the under sink cupboard can be tricky and it is easily the biggest “wasted” space in the kitchen. Well, not anymore!
There are solutions to make this space practical, functional and still attractive which means you can keep your things organised and accessible. The first step to achieving this is to install a Space Saving Plumbing Kit which will put all the pipes to the back of the cupboard, opening up usable storage space. With this plumbing kit in place, you can either have storage hardware to keep your cleaning products or you could have drawers for your bins, etc. Below is a gallery of images to help you see the kind of potential your under sink space has.
Alternatively, our kitchen showrooms have been designed to show you many different options for using your under sink space, so why not come in and ask one of the showroom assistants to show you around.

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