What is timber veneer?

Timber veneer is a real timber. It’s created by slicing timber into a very thin sheet (approx. 0.6mm), then adhering it to a board or substrate. Veneer offers the look and feel of solid timber without the cost, and in doing so makes a vast array of timbers and their multi-colours available to most budgets. They are incredibly durable, sometimes more so than solid timber depending on the substrate it is adhered to. It cannot, however be sanded, or refinished in the way solid timbers can because of its thin nature. Timber veneers can only be used on a flat surface; no profile carved into the door can be achieved. However, it can be curved around edges or rounded surfaces.
Timber veneer can be cut or sliced in different directions to achieve different looks. The diagram below explains some of the slicing options that effect grain direction.


Once the timber veneer has been adhered to the substrate, it can then be stained or painted to achieve different looks. You would choose the species of timber you want, which naturally come in different colours, and then either a satin or lacquer can be applied to not only protect the veneer but also enhance or change the colour. If you want to simply protect the veneer, and not change the colour, a simple clear, satin polyurethane coating is the best option. Or you could opt for a gloss to jazz it up.
It’s not uncommon for timber kitchens to be a mix of solid timber and veneer depending on the size of the door. Solid timber has a size limit when used for door or drawer fronts due to the possibility of bowing. Veneer can be used in conjunction with the solid timber because it won’t bow.

Our showrooms in Eltham and Blackburn have timber veneer doors on display so you’re able to see what the surface looks like. During your design consultation process, be sure to discuss this product with your Designer to know if it’s the best option for you and your household.

Here are a few of our stunning timber veneer kitchens.

Veneer only

TKDC - Heathmont - Mike 10 TKDC - St Kilda - Haydn 2

TKDC - Kew - Haydn 6 TKDC - Templestowe - Corey 8

Timber veneer and solid timber

TKDC - Croydon - Tara 22 TKDC-Kangaroo-Ground-John