What are timber doors?

Solid timber doors are a beautiful way to use a natural and organic product in your home. While timber doors were particularly popular in the 1980s and 90s, they definitely still have their place in the home today. For those who are environmentally conscious, a solid timber door is a good choice due to the lack of chemicals used during the manufacturing process and the ability to use certified timber ensuring it’s sourced through a sustainable forest program. For more information on the certification of timber, visit www.pefc.org.

As you’re probably aware, timber is known for it’s ability to warp, bow or twist. Sometimes this is a good thing but when it’s supposed to be a flat door in a kitchen, this is certainly not ideal. To stop this from happening, timber doors are always made into a profile shape. These shapes effectively break the door down into smaller sections which significantly reduce the risk of bowing or warping.

Timber doors are available in a wide range of species which, in turn, means there is significant colour variation. The species of timber also affects the texture of the door. For example, if you wanted to be able to feel or see the grain of the timber, American Oak is a popular choice. In addition to species, which effects colour and texture, you can also choose the stain or finish colour. Any species can be stained in any stain colour but each result will turn out differently. A timber door could also be painted but the only real benefit of this would be to see the timber grain through the painted finish. A popular finish is a clear 2pac which simply highlights the original timber colour. The percentage of shine can be chosen here too; the most natural being a 10% satin finish.

As mentioned in last week’s post about timber veneer, solid timber and timber veneer can be used in conjunction with one another to make a door with a more simple profile. Refer to the images below to see the difference.

Solid Timber Doors                                                        Timber and Timber Veneer DoorsTimber Doors     Timber & Veneer Doors


Our showrooms in Eltham and Blackburn have timber doors on display so you’re able to see what the surface looks like. During your design consultation process, be sure to discuss this product with your Designer to know if it’s the best option for you and your household.

One of the leading suppliers of timber doors include:
Finer Timber Doors

Here are a few of our stunning timber kitchens and a home office.

TKDC - Croydon - Tara 5 TKDC - Toorak kitchen - Pete 4