Themed Kitchens


What’s your theme?

A kitchen with a theme can be fun! Picture a cottage on a beach, where the kitchen reflects elements of the sea; blues and greens, shells and sand, ebb and flow. The combination of colours and textures all work together to create the desired effect, and the result is harmonious. At The Kitchen Design Centre, a kitchen designer can help you create a unique kitchen theme by simply putting together the elements from your favourite places and things. Rustic timbers and earthy tones for the mountain lodge; concrete and steel for the city warehouse apartment; soft timbers and dusty hues for the country cottage or farm house; smooth, flowing shapes and glossy surface finishes for the Art Deco terrace house. Each home has its own signature and its kitchen design can reflect that style. Your kitchen design theme can be as unique and as individual as you are, reflecting your own personality and lifestyle choices.