The Tap Dance

TKDC - Toorak kitchen - Pete 13

When considering your kitchen renovation, the tapware poses a very important topic. The tap is one of the most commonly used appliances in the kitchen and can often be overlooked due its simplicity however, the style and function of the tap is crucial to the final look of the kitchen and how practical it is to work with. The market today offers a wide range of tapware styles, shapes and colours and many accessories that you might find extremely helpful. Accessories include a soap dispenser, a spray rinse, water filter or pot filler, just to name a few. Hopefully, the information below will help you decided what kind of tapware and accessories might be helpful in your home. Our showrooms located in Eltham and Blackburn have, on display, a range of tapware and accessories so if you prefer to see them for yourself, why not spot in?

The Basic Mixer
The basic mixer is the common tap that every house uses every day. It controls the temperature and pressure and the spout can take many different forms. The range of finishes available is increasing in today’s market which now includes colours for something quirky.

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Instant Boiling or Chilled Water
Two well-known brands that make instant boiling or chilled water taps are Zip and Billi. They both offer a range of taps that provide instant boiling or chilled water as well as sparkling or filtered water. This is something you would have in addition to the basic mixer but can replace your kettle, chilled bottled water in the fridge (which takes up valuable space) and more.  The heating/cooling unit is then stored in the cupboard under the sink.

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Filtered Water
Because our water is treated with chemicals to make it safe for drinking, some people like to filter these out before they drink the water. While the water is safe for drinking in Australia, some people still choose to filter it first. There are many ways this can be done; one is through a jug with a carbon filter attachment that can be kept in the fridge to chill. This method takes up valuable fridge space and requires refilling when the water level runs low so you don’t run out while you’re using it. Installing a water filter system at your sink means you have filtered water instantly, as you need it. It sits alongside your basic mixer. The filtration unit is located in the cupboard under the sink.

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Tapware Accessories
In addition to the tap options above, there are other accessories that make working in your kitchen a dream. These include:
– a spray rinse hose for washing vegetables, rinsing dishes or filling tall pots or vases.
– a pot filler which is located over your cooktop and is designed for filling pots so you don’t have to carry them around the kitchen once their full.
– a soap dispenser can be built into the sink area so that the pump is above the sink but the tank is stored under the sink.

TKDC - Toorak kitchen - Pete 13 Pot Filler Soap Dispenser