Surface finishes – Gloss or Matt?


To shine or not to shine? That is the question…

Gloss, semi-gloss or satin?

Modern kitchen design follows design trends worldwide. One consideration when designing your kitchen is the gloss level for your cupboard doors and benchtops. Modern trends see us using highly reflective, glossy surfaces. The benefits of a highly polished surface finish are that they reflect the maximum level of light, creating a light and inviting space. Fingerprints and smudge marks, although seen more easily, are also easily removed, usually without the use of sprays and chemicals. Matt (or non-glossy) surfaces are suitable for more traditional style kitchens. Marks and scratches are less noticeable. There is also the choice of a satin or semi-gloss lustre level, which combines the best of both worlds. It provides some light reflection to help brighten the space, is easily cleaned, but does not show marks easily. Laminex has come out with its Silk range, which provides this mid lustre level in a range of colours for cupboard doors. Paint (2-pac) can also be purchased in satin or semi-gloss. Many benchtop suppliers, whether of natural stone, reconstituted stone or laminate, have different gloss levels for your choice. The Kitchen Design Centre is committed to finding the perfect solution for your kitchen surfaces. We can offer design advice to help make your decisions easier and more practical, creating the perfect space for you.