An extension involves adding building work to enlarge the footprint of the existing home. Consequently, the kitchen is affected by the planned extension. Either the kitchen will be in the new extension or it will remain in the existing space. Regardless, a new kitchen is needed.

If the kitchen is staying in the existing space and could, theoretically, be replaced independently of the building extension, then proceed to read about Our Appointment Process.

If the kitchen is going in the new extension then, these guidelines will help:

  • Contact a Drafts Person or Architect to design the extension you wish to build. They will need to allow for the kitchen but don’t need to design it in detail.
  • Apply to your local council for approval of the extension. Once approved, find a builder to do the work. If you would like us to manufacture and install your new kitchen, you will need to leave this out of the contract with the builder.
  • Depending on the arrangement with your builder, Building or Planning Permits might need to be obtained (check the Victorian Building Authority website for more information: www.vba.vic.gov.au)
  • When all contracts are signed and permits obtained, the builder can start work.
  • Once work has commenced work, you are now ready to involve The Kitchen Design Centre. Read Our Appointment Process here.

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