Profiles Tell The Story

The Kitchen Design Centre

A large consideration when choosing your new kitchen is whether to have a flat door or a door with a profile. A flat door is simply a flat surface on the outside of the door with a standard square edge. This style can be finished in a wide range of products including laminate, thermo-foil, 2pac and veneer to name a few. A profile door includes any door that isn’t a flat door. Any internal cut outs or mouldings, edge shapes or finger channels that are cut into the door panel are all classified as a profile. The product range for a profile door is more limited but not exclusive to thermos-foil, 2pac and timber.
Each profile can tell a different story about your kitchen, home and lifestyle so it’s important to choose the right one. What is it that you want to say with your kitchen and what theme or style are you trying to portray? Our kitchen showrooms located in Eltham and Blackburn display a wide range of options to help you make a decision.

To help you better understand what kind of profile will suit your story, here are some examples.


Shaker TKDC - Carnegie - Corey F

TKDC - Toorak kitchen - Pete 4 The Kitchen Design Centre - Blackburn Showroom - Kitchen 1 - 1




French style TKDC - Croydon - Tara 22

TKDC - Croydon - Yvonne 13 TKDC - Albert Park - Mike 2 TKDC - Lysterfield - Corey 3   



V-groove V-groove door 0cc741b7e331cad3f0ef72261b7940e2