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A fun trend in kitchens today is the concept of a noticeboard or menu space in the kitchen. Because the kitchen is the most frequented room in the house, it makes sense to keep reminders and notices in a place where they’re visible and accessible. Having a small office area in the kitchen space is the perfect arrangement for this. However, not all kitchens are large enough to accommodate this luxury. The good news is there are other ways of integrating this practical feature. For example, you can implement this idea in the form a chalkboard, whiteboard or pin-board. There are products on the marked now that make integrating this concept easy. Formica has developed a special type of laminate board that is magnetic and comes in either a chalkboard or whiteboard finish which makes it the perfect product to achieve this objective. This space can be both decorative and functional so why not talk to your kitchen designer about how you could integrate this into your new space.

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