Kitchen Themes to Inspire Your Style

TKDC - Kew - Haydn 5

Well-designed kitchens can take any shape, style or theme. It’s not uncommon for clients to bring a picture of something that inspires them as a reference for the theme of their kitchen. A colour palette, a piece of art, an appliance, location, etc., are all things that can help to create your dream designer kitchen. In some cases, two or more of these styles might be brought together to create a new style, for example; modern and traditional, modern and industrial, traditional and beach.
Some common themes that can be worked into almost any home at any level of effectiveness include:

Cottage or Traditional Style
Typically characterised by profile doors and panels, decorative corbels, capping and skirting, ornamental handles and stone or timber bench tops.

Cottage kitchen    Traditional kitchen - Berwick

Modern Style
Common features of this style kitchen include flat doors with minimal or no handles. Sharp corners, simple lines, neutral colours are also used in this style.

Modern kitchen - Kew    Modern kitchen

This kitchen style is usually characterised by the mix of textures and materials such as stone, concrete, metals like stainless steel or copper and timber.

Industrial kitchen    Industrial kitchen 2

A retro style kitchen is where traditional meets bold. This could be inspired by a 50s diner or the warm yellows of the 70s.

Retro kitchen    Retro kitchen - Eltham

Typically characterised by white and timber with highlights of blues and greens to bring in those beach colours. A good ocean view out the window is always a help too!

Beach kitchen    Beach kitchen 2

For tangible inspiration, please visit one of our state-of-the-art kitchen showrooms in either Blackburn or Eltham. Speak to one of our helpful kitchen showroom assistance to find out how we can help you with your new designer kitchen.