Internationally Inspired Kitchens

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If you’re struggling for inspiration for your new kitchen, why don’t you take a quick trip around the world? Every country around the globe does kitchens differently, all for their own reasons, yet equally as innovative, beautiful and workable. Here is a little snap shot to inspire or help you figure out your own personal style (without having to leave your lounge room).

– Typically have quite ornate profile style doors with a refined edge
– Soft and elegant
– Timber features in medium tones, painted or whitewashed finish
– Colours include white, pastel blues and greens
– Traditional in overall style

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– Generally very dark with very strong, ornate features and profile style doors
– Arches overhead
– Pots and pans hanging from the ceiling to be reached and easily accessed while cooking
– Timbers are common in a stained finish
– Traditional in overall style

Italian 1 Italian 3 Italian 4 

– The styling is very colourful with bright coloured accessories
– Patterned tiling on the walls and benchtops
– Natural timbers as features
– Exposed beams on the ceiling is also common

Spanish 1 Spanish 4 Spanish 3

– Sleek style with clean lines
– Completely minimalist with no clutter
– Flat door styles, no handles
– Predominantly white colours with features of light timbers
– Modern in its overall style

Scandi 3 Scandi 2 Scandi 1

– Generally quite simple in their design
– Feng Shui often dictates the location of the kitchen within the house and the orientation of the different cabinets within the kitchen
– “Practical” becomes a style
– Red colours are used with black and timber features

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– Very similar to the Scandinavian style with its minimalistic theme
– Clean lines, flat door styles and no handles
– Extremely practical when it comes to the hardware within the cabinetry
– Darker colours like charcoal, black and grey are often used and are highlighted by white and timber features

German 1 German 3 German 2

– Classic in style and not dissimilar to the French style but slightly more paired back
– Quite ornamental with items sitting out on the bench or in open shelving
– Slightly cluttered in feel
– Typically, English houses have low ceilings (to avoid losing heat) and it wouldn’t be uncommon for them to have timber or white painted beams or features on them

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– Typically take inspiration from Italian and French styling however, it’s clear they aren’t afraid to take a risk
– A themed kitchen isn’t hard to find, for example; retro, beach, patriotic, etc.
– Like to use colour in their kitchens but more paired back than the Spanish
– The “Hamptons” style kitchen is a commonly copied theme which traditionally stems back to the French or English styles
– Will often build in furniture into the surrounding space like window seats, booth style seating or shelves

USA 1 USA Hamptons USA 4

– Generally takes inspiration from the European styling but lean more often towards the Scandinavian and German rather than the Italian or French.
– Will often have a central island bench
– The kitchens often have large windows to bring the outside in
– Open to the surrounding rooms (meals and lounge) to create a community style space. This is a more modern Australian home design.
– Often introduce timber through the flooring, cabinetry or benchtops but not usually all three
– Outdoor kitchens become incredibly prominent and often the focus of the entertainment area

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Our kitchen showrooms have been set up to show many different designs and ideas, taking inspiration from all over the world. Why not visit one of our kitchen showrooms in either Eltham or Blackburn and talk to one of our helpful showroom staff about your new designer kitchen!