How to Care for a Granite Kitchen Benchtop

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How to Care for a Granite Kitchen Benchtop


Things You’ll Need:

Hot water
Stone cleaner
White soft cloth
Soft towel
Granite sealer
Blot up spills from the granite immediately with a sponge. Avoid wiping the spill, as that spreads the liquid and could possibly stain the surface.

Wipe the granite with hot water and a sponge daily. This keeps the kitchen benchtop free of dirt and debris, which could scratch or stain the granite. Make sure that the sponge is free of dishwashing liquid, as soap can dull the look of granite over time.

Use a stone cleaner once a week to keep the granite clean. Apply the cleaner with a white, soft cloth and rinse with hot water. Dry the kitchen benchtop with a soft towel.

Polish the granite every three months to maintain its shine. Apply the granite polish to your kitchen benchtop and buff it with a white, soft cloth until you achieve a shiny surface.

Seal the granite once a year. Apply the sealer to the granite with a clean, white cloth, making sure that the coating is uniform all over the benchtop. Wait approximately two hours, and then apply a second coat of sealer. Allow the benchtop to dry before using it.