What are framed doors?

A framed door is made up of an aluminium frame, similar to that of a picture frame. The frame is then filled in with an insert of Perspex, glass or mesh. There is a wide range of styles and finishes to choose from in both of the elements so a lot of different combinations can be achieved.
It’s not particularly common to use a framed door for all the doors throughout the whole kitchen as it’s usually reserved for feature doors and/or overhead cabinets. Having said that, you could definitely use them throughout which would create a kitchen very different to what is normally seen. Framed doors can be handle free or used with handles. Generally, framed doors offer a more modern style but offer a very wide range of applications throughout the home.
Some of the features of this door style include:

  • Frosted or translucent inserts which could be backlit allowing a shadowing effect
  • Clear or transparent inserts that allows you to see into the cabinet when the door is closed
  • Mesh inserts which allow for breathing or sound. For example, speakers could be stored in a cabinet with a mesh insert door as sounds can travel through the holes in the mesh
  • Outdoor or alfresco kitchens doors can be done as the materials are weather resistant
  • Chalkboard inserts are available in a number of different colours
  • Mirrors can be used as inserts which work particularly well in bathroom overhead cabinets
  • Wide or slimline frames can be used in a number of different metal types and colours to give different looks

Our showrooms in Eltham and Blackburn have framed doors on display so you’re able to see what the surface looks like. During your design consultation process, be sure to discuss this product with your Designer to know if it’s the best option for you and your household.

Some of the leading brands of framed doors include:
Alifrost, Alsert, Polytec

Here are a few of our stunning kitchens featuring framed doors.

TKDC - Preston - Glen 9 TKDC - St Helena - Mike 2

TKDC - Blackburn Showroom - Corey K TKDC - Narre Warran - Glen 3



Other applications for framed doors:

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