Defining Your Traditional Style

What distinguishes one “traditional” kitchen style from another? How do I know if I’m getting a Hamptons style kitchen or a Provincial style? What are the main characteristics to look and ask for when designing my dream kitchen?
You’ll find that the styles do overlap occasionally which is expected. A lot of their original influences are from similar roots and some styles have developed from others.

Hamptons Style Kitchens
Modeled off the kitchens in houses across the Hamptons in the USA, these kitchens are crisp, classy and high end. It’s a “no dollar spared” kind of style with all the modern conveniences and finishing’s.
–  White 2pac doors
– Standard shaker door
– Glass framed overhead cabinets
– High ceilings (if you’re lucky enough to have these)
– Timber floors
– Usually a large island bench with seating
– Decorative pendant lights that swing slightly more to the modern in style. Nothing too curly or old fashioned
– Marble or timber benchtops are very popular in this style
– Simple handle and/or matching knob, nothing too fancy. Black is often a favourite.
– Sometimes a darker feature colour is used on either the base cabinets or the benchtop, but mostly a Hamptons style kitchen is predominantly white.
– A white tile or marble splashback

Hamptons 2 Hamptons 3



French Provincial Style Kitchens
Influenced by the French style of the 18th century, it denotes grandeur, chateaux glamour and has a more feminine flare.
– Off white in colour, leaning usually towards white in the warmer palette
– Decorative or ornate in style of doors. A more detailed variation of the shaker doors is common.
– Often characterised by a darker granite or stone benchtop
– Decorative handles are used. Some kind of twisted metal, shell shape, or hanging style handle with matching knob, or a combination of metal and porcelain
– Works best with a large island bench with seating
– Decorative corbels and kickboards
– Porcelain Butler’s sink is often preferred
– Benchtop edges are often detailed with a Double Bullnose or Cove Dupont type style
– A timber or tiled floor works to complete the look.
– Pendant lights are a distinct feature in a French Provincial kitchen.  However, an appropriately sized chandelier is often found pride of place over the island.

Fr Prov Fr Prov corbels

French Privincial 2


English Cotswold and Cottage Style Kitchens
Fashioned by the easy living of the English country side, this style celebrates imperfections, mismatched furniture and is very unpretentious.
– Off white in colour, either on the cool or warmer side, imperfections are welcome
– Timber island benchtop is very common sometimes with chunky, square or turned legs
– A shaker style profile door works best, nothing too decorative.
– A decorative handle is often found, nothing too chunky but with some gentle detailing. Knobs are very common. Often darker metal or black finish.
– Open timber shelving with items displayed
– Hanging items from the ceiling like pots and pans from a specialty rack
– Tile or timber floor
– Display cabinets,  with or without glass, overhead plate rack
– Porcelain Butler’s sink

English 1 English 2

english 3


Country or Farmhouse Style Kitchen
The farmhouse style takes us back to a simpler time, a time where life and community was a shared event and the kitchen was a well-loved and well-used workroom.
– Neutral colours are the base for this style. Popular colours include off-white (or a pastel if you prefer), or timber doors. Often a mixture of colours are used to decorate.
– Simple profile doors either in a shaker style or V-groove, and sometimes a mix of both
– More rustic in feel than an English style kitchen, yet similar
– Open shelving with lots of items on display and display cabinets with glass framed doors
– Timber or dark benchtops
– Timber floor
– Handles in a dark metal,  black, or timber. Rarely use stainless steel finish.

Farmhouse 1 Country timber


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