The Triangle Theory

What's in a triangle? A lot of people ask us about the triangle theory when it comes to the layout of a kitchen. While some of its principals are still relevant, the theory was developed in the 1940s so a few things have changed since then! The Universit… See More

Common Kitchen Layouts

Let's breakdown the common layout for a kitchen and discuss the terminology for the different elements Every home is different, therefore every kitchen is different. While the design might change from space to space, there are 5 common layouts that form … See More

Dining In Your Kitchen

It's all about the LIFESTYLE A kitchen renovation is about creating a lifestyle that you would like to adopt for yourself and your family. You set the tone, the priorities and the use of space. A common lifestyle choice for kitchen renovations at the mom… See More

The Tap Dance

When considering your kitchen renovation, the tapware poses a very important topic. The tap is one of the most commonly used appliances in the kitchen and can often be overlooked due its simplicity however, the style and function of the tap is crucial to … See More

Under The Sink

In your average kitchen, access to the under sink cupboard can be tricky and it is easily the biggest “wasted” space in the kitchen. Well, not anymore! There are solutions to make this space practical, functional and still attractive which means you … See More

Make it a Mini Kitchen

The clever Mini Kitchen or BarThe mini kitchen or bar area idea is an entertainer’s lifesaver! It provides the perfect place for guests (or even the kids) to be able to help themselves to drinks, wine or coffee without getting in the way while you… See More

Bringing in the Light

Where to add windows in the kitchen...Sometimes, getting enough natural light into the kitchen space can be hard depending on where in the house the kitchen is located. There are ways to add in extra windows when designing your new kitchen, so talk wi… See More

Notice Me Noticeboards

Noticeboards and menus in the kitchen...A fun trend in kitchens today is the concept of a noticeboard or menu space in the kitchen. Because the kitchen is the most frequented room in the house, it makes sense to keep reminders and notices in a place w… See More