Paper Thin

Thin is in! The thin benchtop trend is really coming into its own in 2017. We’re expecting to see it installed in more kitchens this year than ever before and because more people are asking for it, more brands are manufacturing thin benchtops. This tr… See More

2017 Colour Trends

Pantone is the biggest predictor of colour trends in the industry. They are often spot on with their predictions as we watch their trend colours boom into the interiors industry. Here are their chosen colours for 2017.   Some people pa… See More

Timber Tones In The Kitchen

Should I use timber in my kitchen and if so, how much and where? The use of timber in kitchen design has changed with the trends over the last few years. Unless it lends specifically with the style of the home (i.e. mountain lodge or rustic farm house) w… See More

The Triangle Theory

What's in a triangle? A lot of people ask us about the triangle theory when it comes to the layout of a kitchen. While some of its principals are still relevant, the theory was developed in the 1940s so a few things have changed since then! The Universit… See More

Common Kitchen Layouts

Let's breakdown the common layout for a kitchen and discuss the terminology for the different elements Every home is different, therefore every kitchen is different. While the design might change from space to space, there are 5 common layouts that form … See More

Absolute Rubbish!

Waste management systems in your kitchen. With all the tasks we need to complete in the kitchen, waste management is a very important consideration.  These days we are encouraged to minimize trash and maximize recycling and compost. All of this can take… See More