Accessorise Your Drawers

Available for drawers, is specialty accessories for easier access and better organising. Since practical storage is all the rage, drawers are the most popular form of accessing your kitchen items. But, did you know there are accessories available for ins… See More

Absolute Rubbish!

Waste management systems in your kitchen. With all the tasks we need to complete in the kitchen, waste management is a very important consideration.  These days we are encouraged to minimize trash and maximize recycling and compost. All of this can take… See More

Under The Sink

In your average kitchen, access to the under sink cupboard can be tricky and it is easily the biggest “wasted” space in the kitchen. Well, not anymore! There are solutions to make this space practical, functional and still attractive which means you … See More

Blum Drawer Systems

Blum Drawer Systems Blum drawers are the dream! At The Kitchen Design Centre our designers have access to some of the most incredibly versatile storage solutions for kitchens. One of those is the drawer system we offer from an Austrian company called Bl… See More

Sink Accessories

Sink Accessories Why not add some sink accessories to your designer kitchen? When choosing a sink and its location in your kitchen, you must also consider the necessary accessories available that will make the use and placement of your sink much more pr… See More

Bins in the Kitchen

Bins in the Kitchen What are the bin options? Here at The Kitchen Design Centre, our kitchen designers think of everything when it comes to your new designer kitchen. Both of our state of the art kitchen showrooms are fully equipped to demonstrate the v… See More

Kessebohmer Climber from Hafele

Kessebohmer Climber from Hafele The options continue... One of the newest innovative products on the market is the Kesseböhmer Climber from Häfele. This new system applies to an overhead cupboard door that lifts up electronically. The doors itself is… See More

Corner Solutions

Corner Solutions Solutions for your corners   The dreaded corner cupboard! It seems that everyone with corners in their kitchen has issues with their corner cupboard and it's often the first thing clients say they want to fix. Well, Häfele and… See More

Häfele at The Kitchen Design Centre

Häfele at The Kitchen Design Centre Smart functionality... At The Kitchen Design Centre we pride ourselves on using the best products available in the industry. It is of paramount importance that we align ourselves with contacts and suppliers that prov… See More