New Year’s Resolution

Let your kitchen dreams become your reality in 2016 For many, a new year’s resolution would include the typical answers like; losing weight, de-cluttering the house or reading more books but, there’s another resolution that should be on that list too… See More

We Manufacture Our Own Cabinetry

When a kitchen company says that they “manufacture their own cabinetry”, what does this actually mean and why is it important? Kitchen designers in the industry will often have different ways of supplying cabinetry to match their design. Some designe… See More

A Kitchen for the Non-Chef

Not everyone likes to cook so the needs for your new kitchen are going to be different!There is often the assumption that when someone is replacing their kitchen that they must also like to cook. This is certainly not always the case. Every house need… See More

Your Design, Your Way

Your Design, Your Way Designer kitchen, designed your way! We all have different levels at which we want to have a say in our kitchen design. Some of us have very little in the way of ideas and really need the kitchen designer to give us clear guidance.… See More

Create a Wish List

Create a Wish List Wants and needs can sometimes be two different things, creating a wish list will help to distinguish between the two. At The Kitchen Design Centre we work very closely with our clients to create a kitchen design that is perfect for th… See More

Our Kitchen Showrooms

Our Kitchen Showrooms Our Kitchen Showrooms - Eltham and Blackburn The Kitchen Design Centre has two state of the art showrooms with full kitchen displays. The Eltham location is home to 6 kitchens and 1 study nook and the Blackburn location has 8 kitch… See More

Face Lift or Replace?

Face Lift or Replace? Replace VS Face Lift When considering a new kitchen space many people face the important decision of whether to do a simple face lift or to pull out their old kitchen completely and put in a brand new one. At The Kitchen Design Cen… See More