Fisher & Paykel DishDrawers

DishDrawers make all the difference. I recently visited E & S Trading to do some research on Fisher & Paykel DishDrawers. They’ve been around for over 20 years but somehow, not many people have heard of them and not many other brands have copie… See More
Kitchen Styling

Kitchen Styling

Wish you could style your kitchen like a professional? Then wish no more! After you’ve made all the big decisions in designing your kitchen, it’s time for the little ones. Sometimes it’s the little features and final touches that can make or break … See More
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Time For a Big Spring Clean!

Spring is here! Yay! Time for a kitchen spring clean! When the frost melts and the flowers start to bloom, I get excited for a big spring clean! I’m ready to wipe away the dust that’s been building up over winter and open the curtains and windows w… See More
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Make Sure Your Rangehood Sucks!

A kitchen without a rangehood is like a bed without sheets. It’s not the main event but makes everything else work together for the better. In this blog, we’re going to look at what a rangehood actually is and how it works plus some questions to ask w… See More
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Cleaning Your Dark Kitchen Cabinets

A striking and popular trend for 2017 is the feature of dark cabinetry. Whether it’s a laminate timber look or a charcoal 2pac shaker door, many kitchen styles have ways of bringing this element in to suit different homes. When executed well, it looks a… See More
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Timber Tones In The Kitchen

Should I use timber in my kitchen and if so, how much and where? The use of timber in kitchen design has changed with the trends over the last few years. Unless it lends specifically with the style of the home (i.e. mountain lodge or rustic farm house) w… See More
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Must-Haves For A Small Kitchen

In a small kitchen, space is at premium so what are the "must-haves" for a small kitchen? A common problem we hear often is that the kitchen space is simply too small. This can understandably be found in apartments, townhouses and occasionally units. The… See More
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A Private Island Or A Vast Peninsula

Is an island or a peninsula the best option for your kitchen? One of the most important decisions to be made in designing the footprint of a kitchen is the layout of the cabinetry that supports the benchtop. This will largely be determined by the shape o… See More
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Defining Your Traditional Style

What distinguishes one “traditional” kitchen style from another? How do I know if I’m getting a Hamptons style kitchen or a Provincial style? What are the main characteristics to look and ask for when designing my dream kitchen? You’ll find that … See More
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The Triangle Theory

What's in a triangle? A lot of people ask us about the triangle theory when it comes to the layout of a kitchen. While some of its principals are still relevant, the theory was developed in the 1940s so a few things have changed since then! The Universit… See More