Sensa Granite 1

Changing The World Of Granite

Sensa by Cosention With natural surfaces on the rise, it’s no wonder more people are looking at granite for their kitchen benchtops. Usually, the biggest deterrent for using granite is the maintenance because of its porosity. Standard granite requires … See More
TKDC - Dark Kitchen

Cleaning Your Dark Kitchen Cabinets

A current striking and popular trend is the feature of dark cabinetry. Whether it’s a smooth laminate look or a charcoal 2pac shaker door, many kitchen styles have ways of bringing this element in to suit different homes. When executed well, it looks am… See More
Thin slab with shadowline

Paper Thin

Thin is in! The thin benchtop trend is really coming into its own in 2017. We’re expecting to see it installed in more kitchens this year than ever before and because more people are asking for it, more brands are manufacturing thin benchtops. This tr… See More
TKDC - Kew - Haydn 6

Timber Tones In The Kitchen

Should I use timber in my kitchen and if so, how much and where? The use of timber in kitchen design has changed with the trends over the last few years. Unless it lends specifically with the style of the home (i.e. mountain lodge or rustic farm house) w… See More
TKDC - Kew - Haydn 6

Common Kitchen Layouts

Let's breakdown the common layout for a kitchen and discuss the terminology for the different elements Every home is different, therefore every kitchen is different. While the design might change from space to space, there are 5 common layouts that form … See More

Door & Drawer Surfaces

The market has a lot to offer when it comes to door and drawer surface options but all of the products behave in different ways which means they might not suit your lifestyle. As we break them down for you, you can weigh up the pros and cons of each optio… See More
The Kitchen Design Centre

Profiles Tell The Story

A large consideration when choosing your new kitchen is whether to have a flat door or a door with a profile. A flat door is simply a flat surface on the outside of the door with a standard square edge. This style can be finished in a wide range of produc… See More
Feature Doors 10

Decorative Doors

The most common trend in kitchens today is for them to be custom made. This is because people want to personalise their space according to their home, lifestyle and personal taste. There are many always to meet these style criteria but this week we’re g… See More
The Kitchen Design Centre Canterbury Kitchen

Using Timber in the Kitchen

Using Timber in the Kitchen Benchtop, doors and/or features... These days there are so many options when designing a kitchen. With so many beautiful surface finishes available it can be tricky narrowing it down. One surface finish our kitchen designers … See More

Mix Your Benchtop Materials

Mix Your Benchtop Materials It doesn't have to be the same! One of the top emerging trends of 2014 is using different benchtop materials in the same area. For example, an island bench could have the inside 2/3 of the bench in stone then the breakfast ba… See More