Subway Tiles – 12 Ways To Lay Them

Subway tiles are incredibly popular for splashbacks but did you know there are many ways you can lay them to create even more interest? In addition to contrasting grout colour (eg. white tile, black grout) you could alternate colours and textures too. If… See More
Kitchen Styling

Kitchen Styling

Wish you could style your kitchen like a professional? Then wish no more! After you’ve made all the big decisions in designing your kitchen, it’s time for the little ones. Sometimes it’s the little features and final touches that can make or break … See More

Bring In The Green

According to Pantone (the biggest predictor of colour trends in the industry), Dark or Forest Green are going to be popular this year. This cool colour brings unexpected warmth to any space.When it comes to a kitchen, opting for dark green cabinetry i… See More
Blue Kitchen

2017 Colour Trends

Pantone is the biggest predictor of colour trends in the industry. They are often spot on with their predictions as we watch their trend colours boom into the interiors industry. Here are their chosen colours for 2017.   Some people pa… See More
Under sink 1

Under The Sink

In your average kitchen, access to the under sink cupboard can be tricky and it is easily the biggest “wasted” space in the kitchen. Well, not anymore! There are solutions to make this space practical, functional and still attractive which means you … See More
TKDC - Elsternwick

Make it a Mini Kitchen

The clever Mini Kitchen or BarThe mini kitchen or bar area idea is an entertainer’s lifesaver! It provides the perfect place for guests (or even the kids) to be able to help themselves to drinks, wine or coffee without getting in the way while you… See More
TKDC - Elsternwick

Bringing in the Light

Where to add windows in the kitchen...Sometimes, getting enough natural light into the kitchen space can be hard depending on where in the house the kitchen is located. There are ways to add in extra windows when designing your new kitchen, so talk wi… See More
Paper noticeboard

Notice Me Noticeboards

Noticeboards and menus in the kitchen...A fun trend in kitchens today is the concept of a noticeboard or menu space in the kitchen. Because the kitchen is the most frequented room in the house, it makes sense to keep reminders and notices in a place w… See More
Pet friendly kitchens and laundries

Pet Friendly Kitchens and Laundries

Part of the family...When we bring home that adorable little puppy for the first time, something changes inside us emotionally. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first pet or the first pet for your children, an unbreakable bond is formed and that fur… See More
Meals Area

Unconventional Dining

The Kitchen Meals AreaWith the kitchen being the “heart of the home” and a lot of layouts now set up as open plan living spaces, the separate dining rooms we used to are very uncommon (and are being turned into butler’s pantries!). This means th… See More