The Tap Dance

When considering your kitchen renovation, the tapware poses a very important topic. The tap is one of the most commonly used appliances in the kitchen and can often be overlooked due its simplicity however, the style and function of the tap is crucial to … See More

The Coveted Coffee Station

What should your coffee station include and why should your house have one? The hot topic on everyone’s lips, when it comes to putting in a new kitchen, is the coveted coffee station. The coffee culture in Melbourne is so strong that it’s common fo… See More

Sink Accessories

Sink Accessories Why not add some sink accessories to your designer kitchen? When choosing a sink and its location in your kitchen, you must also consider the necessary accessories available that will make the use and placement of your sink much more pr… See More

Sink Styles

Sink Styles There are lots of sinks to choose from. Which is right for you? One of the most important choices you will make when planning your kitchen space is that of your sink. Your kitchen designer at The Kitchen Design Centre can help with this choi… See More

Selecting the Right Fridge

Selecting the Right Fridge Designer kitchen needs a new fridge but which do you choose? There are lots of things to consider when selecting a fridge; size and colour are just the beginning. While we don't sell appliances at The Kitchen Design Centre, we… See More

Integrated Appliances

Integrated Appliances Out of sight! These days, in a society that likes things streamlined and uncluttered, integrating kitchen appliances has become a popular way of adding simplicity and style to a kitchen design. At The Kitchen Design Centre our kitc… See More

Oven Position

Oven Position Your oven position can effect your health and safety so here are some things to consider... The position of your kitchen appliances is a very important layout decision. The position of your oven is of particular importance, and can even im… See More

Sink Options and Locations

Sink Options and Locations Which best suits your new kitchen? Your sink area is a very important space in your kitchen. There are so many beautiful sinks to choose from, and where to position the sink in your kitchen is an important decision for you to … See More

The Value of Quality Appliances

The Value of Quality Appliances What appliances do you need? A kitchen should always be beautiful, but most importantly it must be functional. While we spend a lot of time choosing beautiful surface finishes, we also need to be informed about the best a… See More