What to Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

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What to Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

“Your kitchen should fit like a tailor made suit”

No two people have the same kitchen requirements and needs so this should make a huge difference when designing your kitchen. It’s important to answer these questions; What are your buying habits? What type of cook are you? How big is your household and could it change soon? Do you have any pets? What space do you need for what? Bring your answers to your kitchen designer as these will help them design your kitchen specific to your needs.For example, a couple in their 60s with grown children is going to have different needs and requirements than a young family who love to entertain.

Our kitchen showrooms demonstrate different options to suit a range of different lifestyles. Pop in, 7 days a week, to see the possibilities.

“Don’t go on autopilot, try it out yourself”

It’s important to get involved in the process of designing your kitchen. After all, you’re the one who has to live in it! Visit kitchen showrooms, open and close the drawers and cupboards, discover the hardware options for corners, pantries, bins, etc. Start making decisions on what’s best for you. Talk with the showroom staff and your kitchen designer about the functionality of the products to help you decided. So for innovations, ask your kitchen designer what options are out there. Unless you are a kitchen designer, you’ll always limit yourself for lack of knowledge and experience. Working with a kitchen designer will get you the best result and broadest range of options.

Visit one of our kitchen showrooms to see some of the options available to you. Chat to the kitchen showroom staff about how these products can be used.