We Manufacture Our Own Cabinetry

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We Manufacture Our Own Cabinetry

When a kitchen company says that they “manufacture their own cabinetry”, what does this actually mean and why is it important?

Kitchen designers in the industry will often have different ways of supplying cabinetry to match their design. Some designers will sell their designs and plans and then the client will have to find a cabinet maker to construct from the plans. Some designers will work for a company who outsource the manufacturing of the kitchen to another company or multiple companies and sometimes even overseas. Other companies will design and manufacture their own kitchens from their own plans. This is what we do here at The Kitchen Design Centre; design and manufacture our own kitchens from our own designs and plans.

What does this mean for your kitchen? Our business as two areas: the showrooms and the factory. The kitchen showrooms are where the designing process happens. We have many kitchens on display to demonstrate some of the different hardware and product selections available so you can make educated decisions for your new kitchen. Once the design process is finalised, the designer hands the plans over to the factory and confirms all the details. The factory is where the cabinetry is made and the project is coordinated from (trades, etc). Because the showrooms and the factory are the same business, the process of handing over jobs from one area to another is seamless with minimal stress to you, the client.

Visit one of our kitchen showrooms in either Eltham or Blackburn to talk to one of our showroom assistants about your project and how we might be able to help make it easier for you.