The Kitchen Office

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The Kitchen Office

Why lock yourself into a separate room to work when you could be in the heart of your home instead?

The kitchen office is a brilliant innovation for the modern kitchen.

A kitchen design feature that is taking the kitchen industry by storm is the kitchen office. Where possible, clients are asking us to add in an office space to their kitchen design so they can be working in the heart of their home. This allows them to keep an eye on dinner or the children while they pay bills or work from home. Being able to leave you bills or notices where you can see them will mean they don’t get missed. Because we enter our kitchen daily, it’s much easier to remember to check the calendar or open the laptop when it’s there as a constant reminder.

Our kitchen designers are experts at creating kitchens and cabinetry that suit your families’ needs. If you think you would like to incorporate a kitchen office into your new kitchen design, simply chat with your designer. They will advise you on where and how this could work into your space so you don’t lose too much of your working kitchen area.

Some fun ideas for the kitchen office could be to include a chalk board, cork board, television, tech drawer, designer chair or timber shelves.