The Coveted Coffee Station

Coffee Station 4

The Coveted Coffee Station

What should your coffee station include and why should your house have one?

The hot topic on everyone’s lips, when it comes to putting in a new kitchen, is the coveted coffee station. The coffee culture in Melbourne is so strong that it’s common for people to have good coffee machines in their own home. We appreciate coffee perfection and when we can make this ourselves every morning from the comfort of our own home, why wouldn’t a coffee station makes sense? If coffee’s not your thing, then it could be a tea station or breakfast station, whatever works for your lifestyle.

For now, let’s stick with the coffee idea!
What makes the perfect station? Firstly, you need a good coffee machine. Whether you’re a pod fan or a whole bean pro, there’s a machine out there for you. Here is what’s on offer at E & S Trading to help get you started.

A fully equipped station will allow for the storage of all coffee, tea and other hot drink necessities as well as mugs, cups and teaspoons, etc. For those going all out, you might choose to have your machine properly plumbed rather than having a water tank attached. Another great idea for this station is to have a Zip tap which provides instant chilled or boiling water. Your station could be open and visible or tucked away inside a cupboard.

Below are some pictures to help inspire you as you design your new coffee station.