Paper Thin

Thin Slab With Shadowline

Paper Thin

Thin is in!

The thin benchtop trend is really coming into its own in 2017. We’re expecting to see it installed in more kitchens this year than ever before and because more people are asking for it, more brands are manufacturing thin benchtops.
This trend is sleek, contemporary and works with most design styles trending now. Gone are the days of a solid, 80mm thick benchtop. Chunky is out and millimetre-thin is in!

From a design perspective, there are a number of ways that a thin benchtop can be achieved. Consider it like an elegant frame that creates the shape of the surface and less like a chunky product that’s sitting on top.
For example, a shadow line can be used to separate the benchtop from the cupboard door. The shadow line can be done in a feature colour like black or timber to add a decorative element. Alternatively, the benchtop can run across the top of the doors and almost become invisible from the front.

A number of different companies manufacture products available in thin options. The companies listed below manufacture products less than 20mm in thickness.
The reconstituted stone brand options are: Caesarstone, Silestone
Other product options include: Dekton, Quantum Six, Stainless Steel, Neolith, Bamboo