Overhead Cabinets

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Overhead Cabinets

What are the options?

Technology has brought us to a whole new place when it comes to overhead cabinets. We’ve moved beyond a swinging hinged door with a knob to some really exciting products designed to be more functional and change the look of your designer kitchen.

Starting with a swinging hinged door, you can have handles or no handles. If you decide you don’t want handles, there are two options. The first is to have a finger channel or recess just inside the bottom of the door. This means the door can be manually swung open and will soft-close when pushed shut. This system works well anywhere there is nothing directly below this cabinet i.e. over a cooktop. The second option for a handless look is called “push-release” or “tip-on”. This system works using a magnet and spring mechanism meaning the door pops open when pressed. To close, the door must be pressed shut by hand. No soft-close works with this function.

To see the difference between these opening systems, visit one of our kitchen showrooms in either Eltham or Blackburn. Also, visit our Facebook page and look at the Greensborough and Burwood albums to see these options in a clients’ home.

The next option is called Aventos, developed by Blum. This is a lift up hinge system allowing the door to sit above head height. It can have a single panel or double panel on the front depending on the hinge system being used. The lift up height is also adjustable to allow for different ceilings and bulkheads. There is also a range of different hinge types that all work differently so that Aventos can accommodate for all situations and needs. The Aventos system can have handles or be handless. The handless style has two options. The first works with the finger channel or recess mentioned above. The second is actually electric and works with a simple press. Pressing the front of the door will lift the panel up to the adjusted height and can be closed with the push of a button. This electric system is called Servo-drive. Visit one of our kitchen showrooms and try the Aventos hinge system to see how this might fit in with your kitchen design. The Burwood kitchen on our Facebook page will also show you pictures on the Aventos system in action.

With all of this said, your kitchen designer will help you choose the style of overhead cabinet that is appropriate for your lifestyle, family, taste and budget.