Oven Position

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Oven Position

Your oven position can effect your health and safety so here are some things to consider…

The position of your kitchen appliances is a very important layout decision. The position of your oven is of particular importance, and can even impact your health and well-being. Generally, an oven is situation on the floor free-standing, mounted under the bench, or mounted in the wall. Each has its value and its drawbacks. At The Kitchen Design Centre our kitchen designers can help you make the right appliance position choice for your lifestyle and cooking needs. While we don’t sell the appliances ourselves, our kitchen designers can help you choose the right brand and look that suits your cooking style and kitchen design. To get an idea of some of the options, visit one of our kitchen showrooms in either Blackburn or Eltham.

Ovens come in different widths, but the most commonly used are those that measure 600mm or 900mm, either size oven can be free standing, under-bench mounted, or wall mounted. Ovens measuring 700mm, 800mm and even larger than 900mm are also available. Deciding on an oven size is not just as simple as choosing the size that caters to your cooking needs. Other considerations come into play. For example, if you have any health issues regarding your back, neck or shoulders, you will need to position your oven so that you are placing least amount of stress on these areas when removing heavy food items from your hot oven, minimizing bending or shoulder lifting. Your oven will also need to be located close to bench space where these heavy items can be put down quickly and safely. You must also consider the design aspect of oven placement. A large 900mm wall oven may create a bulky eye-sore in the centre of your kitchen if not chosen and placed carefully. Although you can use larger cooking pans in the 900mm oven, these items are usually heavier and require more strength for lifting and movement. A solution may be to place two smaller ovens side-by-side in the wall at elbow-to-shoulder height for least strain on back, neck and shoulders when removing items from the oven, and creating a more refined design effect.

At The Kitchen Design Centre our kitchen designers are trained and experienced in product placement and design layout so they can help you with all your design and appliance placement requirements. Visit one of our kitchen showrooms to see the options set up in a “real-life” situation and to help you visualise how your choices will affect your kitchen use.

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