Move Into The Light

Tkdc Balwyn Corey N

Move Into The Light

Lighting in your kitchen, the possibilities are endless!

As technology continues to improve and progress each year, the market is constantly flooded with innovative and practical products that make everyday life more enjoyable. One area that continues to evolve is lighting. Since the invention of LED lighting, the industry has never been the same. We can now do things that weren’t possible before which is really exciting! You can now have changing coloured light or warm or cool white light. They can create a warmth or ambiance that otherwise wouldn’t be there. After the dinner clean-up is complete, you can leave them on while the ceiling lights are off to create a calming mood yet still lighting the space. With all of that in mind, let’s explore some of the ways you can use LED lighting in your designer kitchen to make it more functional and beautiful.

Other than adding more lights to the ceiling (which is still a great idea), you can also add lights to your cabinetry. No more blocking the light with your shadow while preparing dinner!

Under the overhead cabinets