Make Sure Your Rangehood Sucks!

Tkdc Ivanhoe

Make Sure Your Rangehood Sucks!

A kitchen without a rangehood is like a bed without sheets. It’s not the main event but makes everything else work together for the better. In this blog, we’re going to look at what a rangehood actually is and how it works plus some questions to ask when making a decision about your next rangehood purchase.

What does a rangehood do:

A rangehood is the filtered ventilation system that hangs above the cooktop. It has the huge responsibility of clearing the air of steam, oil and smoke while you cook. From frying an egg to boiling water, making stir fry or accidently burning the life out of something, the rangehood’s role is critical. A good rangehood will suck all the steam, oil and smoke from the air before it lands on your benchtop, cabinet doors, walls, etc. It reduces the amount of time you’ll spend cleaning your kitchen, will reduce the food smells in your soft furnishings, clothes and hair after cooking fish or curry and after you burnt the first batch of cookies, it’ll clear the air so no one will know! Sounds like a good investment to me!

So, what styles of rangehoods are available?