Make it a Mini Kitchen

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Make it a Mini Kitchen

The clever Mini Kitchen or Bar

The mini kitchen or bar area idea is an entertainer’s lifesaver! It provides the perfect place for guests (or even the kids) to be able to help themselves to drinks, wine or coffee without getting in the way while you’re cooking in the main kitchen area. If your home enjoys a lovely open plan living arrangement with the meal or lounge area just off the kitchen, then this gives you the opportunity to make the most of the mini kitchen or bar concept.

This space could double as the coffee station or simply house your favourite wines and spirits. If you have the space, consider adding in a small bowl sink and bar fridge so it becomes a one stop shop for all your beverage needs. Adding a servery window through to your BBQ/outdoor area is another functional way of using this space. However, if space is on the tight side, you could also join this area with your laundry room which slightly changes the way you might use it. Either way, this creative idea allows for extra storage and helps take the pressure off your kitchen. It also changes the way you use the space which, in some situations, is the perfect solution for a kitchen congestion.

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