Kitchen Styling

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Kitchen Styling

Wish you could style your kitchen like a professional? Then wish no more!

After you’ve made all the big decisions in designing your kitchen, it’s time for the little ones. Sometimes it’s the little features and final touches that can make or break the end result.

The sort of things I’m referring to are the decorative and or practical pieces you might sit out on your bench ie. kettle, toaster, vase of flowers, chopping boards, salt and pepper grinders, etc. The look of these things and the aesthetic they create will effect the styling of the kitchen.

When you have a brand new, perfect kitchen, it’s nice to complete it with styling that adds a touch of character and ties it in with the rest of your home.

Here are some styling tips and things to consider when styling your kitchen:

Minimalism vs maximalism – What kind of person are you? Do you like the “nothing on the bench” concept or would you prefer to have all your gadgets on hand? Once you work out which concept you lean towards, you can look at the kinds of objects to leave out, what’s a must and what is clutter.

Or, are you more of an idealist? Are you the person who likes the idea of putting something away but never gets around to it? Or are you the person who puts it away because it bothers you that it’s out? Be real with yourself about this one as it will make an impact on your mini/maxi decision.

Colour or theme – What theme or colour palette have you chosen for your new kitchen or your home? Is it traditional or more modern? Have you gone with all white or darker colours? Keep your styling items in line with the colours or theme of what you already have going. For example, if all your tapware is black, use black as a feature colour that pops up in your accessories. Maybe your kitchen is a provincial, traditional style which, by nature leans towards a more feminine aesthetic. In this case you could add a vase of flowers that you refresh each week or some decorative pottery in soft pastels (or a colour that suites your home). Alternatively, if you want to add a more masculine touch to the provincial vibe, opt for a rustic chopping board standing against the splashback and a potted, flowerless plant. Whatever your theme or colour scheme, there are accessories to suit. It’s all about understanding your own aesthetic and channelling that.

Useful accessories – If you like the practicality of having your utensils on your benchtop or your toaster and kettle sitting on the bench then consider the colour and style of these. Obviously, they still need to be user friendly but there’s nothing wrong with choosing ones that look good too! Since small appliances don’t break the bank to replace, use this opportunity to replace the old ones with something clean and fresh. Appliance brands usually offer these appliances in collections so you can buy the whole set to have them matching. Choosing items from different brands might mean you end up with several different metal colours and finishes which will detract from the overall impact. This is also a great opportunity to bring in a bit of colour and personality by choosing a colour and sticking with it, same with your knife block. Usually knife blocks are timber but if you don’t have any other timber in the space, it might stand out in a way you don’t want. Why not look for a white or black one that might suit better or, if all else fails, paint one to match!

A neutral colour palette is the most common in kitchens. It’s safe, warm and inviting and doesn’t polarise people. If this is the colour scheme of your home or kitchen, choose accessories in a range of these neutral colours to create depth, light and shade. You don’t have to use bright red to add personality to a space instead, add it through texture and shape.
The natural green of a plant can bring colour and life to a space without adding a colour theme so to speak. Indoor plants are incredibly popular now and can be easily changed with the seasons.

Take away some helpful styling tips from the images below and see more ideas on our Pinterest board.

Happy styling!