Kitchen Plan – Personalised Dimensions

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Kitchen Plan – Personalised Dimensions

What are some of the important dimensions you need to consider when designing your kitchen?

When designing a kitchen, a professional kitchen designer from The Kitchen Design Centre can help you plan your designer kitchen to your exact specifications and requirements. This includes the measurements and dimensions of all aspects of your kitchen. Kitchen ergonomics are extremely important when designing a new kitchen. Not only do these things effect how you cook but they affect your health and safety as well.

For example, the height of your benches is a very important part of planning your kitchen. If your kitchen bench is too low for your height you may find yourself stooping when you work at your bench causing an ache in your lower back or neck. Conversely, if your bench is too high you need to raise your arms higher than is comfortable causing strain on your neck and shoulders. A professional kitchen designer will make necessary suggestions about these ergonomic dimensions for your consideration when designing your kitchen. Our kitchen showrooms have been set up to offer different heights so you can test out what might be most comfortable for you.

Other dimension considerations you may need assistance with are bench depths, height of top of cupboards, height of kick plates at the base of your cupboards (particularly if using kickboard drawers), dimensions of your appliances and how high they are from the ground, distance of your sink and taps from the back wall, and distance of overhead cupboards from your benchtop or cook top. Each of these is an important decision in planning your kitchen design and will require expert advice. At The Kitchen Design Centre our designers are trained and experienced in making the necessary recommendations for all your dimension requirements. Visit one of your kitchen showrooms in either Eltham or Blackburn to personally experience some of the different dimensions possible for your designer kitchen.