Kitchen Lighting

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Kitchen Lighting

Don’t chop in your shadow any more!

Lighting in your kitchen is very important! It needs not only practical consideration, but decorative as well. The kitchen designers at The Kitchen Design Centre give careful thought to all aspects of kitchen design, including the lighting. It is important to have adequate lighting while preparing food and drink in your kitchen, not just to minimise the strain on your eyesight, but to ensure your food is prepared properly and safely. In our kitchen showrooms at Blackburn and Eltham we display many options for lighting, both decorative and practical. Overhead pendant or drop-ceiling lighting can create a stunning decorative effect while providing maximum light. Over-bench lighting can be installed under the overhead cupboards in the form of LED down or strip lighting, thus providing needed light over bench space. Glass display shelving can have strip lighting installed at the back of each shelf to create an iridescent effect at the front of the shelf, highlighting each of the decorative items on display as a thing of beauty. Each of these options and more can be observed and appreciated in our lovely kitchen showrooms. Our kitchen designers are here to give you the most beautiful and practical solutions to your lighting needs.

Visit one of our kitchen showrooms to find your ideal kitchen lighting solutions.

Alternatively, visit our Facebook page to see lighting done in a client’s kitchen. See albums Ivanhoe, St Helena and Donvale in particular.