Kitchen Designer VS Kitchen Salesperson

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Kitchen Designer VS Kitchen Salesperson

Didn’t realise there was a difference? Here are some handy tips:

At The Kitchen Design Centre, our designers are professional kitchen designers, not salespeople. There is a large difference between a kitchen designer and a salesperson when it comes to designing your dream kitchen. There are a few main differences to be aware of when going into your kitchen appointment.

Every cabinet we make is made to measure so our kitchen designers aren’t selecting a cabinet from a catalogue to provide you with a price. Custom built cabinets is the best way to make the most of your space. The follow on effect from this means we don’t provide a quick quote. We can offer a rough estimate but the project costing comes down to the final design and products you choose which happens in a second appointment. Because of this, you won’t be asked to sign contracts or pay a deposit in the first appointment like most salespeople push. This means you can take your time with the process and really make sure you’re getting everything you want. Our kitchen designer’s main objective is to create you the perfect kitchen to suit your needs. We don’t want you “sign up” unless you’re completely happy with every aspect of your designer kitchen.

Our kitchen designers have been custom designing kitchens for years (some for more than 30!) so they know kitchen cabinetry intimately. Not only do our kitchen designers have years of kitchen design experience but most of them have cabinet making or building backgrounds too which means there is no limit to their creativity!

In essence, make sure you feel comfortable with your kitchen designer, don’t be pressured into signing contracts or paying a deposit in the first appointment unless you are 100% happy with every aspect, know exactly what you’re getting and ask lots of questions until you’re satisfied with all the answers.
To start your new personal kitchen design process, visit one of our kitchen showrooms in either Blackburn or Eltham and talk to our helpful kitchen showroom staff. It doesn’t matter if your house is a large family home in Canterbury or a small unit in Croydon, we can help you create the perfect kitchen for you! Don’t settle for less!