Indoor Gardens

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Indoor Gardens

Herb gardens are a great way to bring in a little nature and encourage healthy eating

An increasing trend in kitchens today is to implement an indoor garden. This can be achieved in a number of ways but one of the more popular is with a herb garden. Herb gardens appeal to people’s want of natural/organic things around them but also have a practical use. Having immediate access to fresh herbs when you’re cooking without having to go outside is perfect for the home cook. The herbs can also be dried and jarred saving you money in the supermarket. Either way, when the herbs are inside, you are reminded to use and water them.

There are lots of ways herbs or garden can be implemented into the kitchen. This can include hanging pots from the ceiling over the bench, attaching jars to a board then hanging the board on the wall or hanging pots from towel hooks on the outside of a cabinet or simply having a little planter box on the window sill. It’s all about creating a kitchen that works for your lifestyle and cooking needs.

Our kitchen designers’ experience means they know how to best design your kitchen to suit your lifestyle. How you entertain is going to be different to how your neighbour entertains so your kitchen should be different too. Our kitchen designers will look at your kitchen room in a way that you’ve never looked at it before. They come in and see the potential for the space, how it marries to the surrounding rooms and aren’t necessarily restricted by what’s already there. They spend time asking you questions about your lifestyle, family, pets, cooking style, etc. so they can design you a kitchen that ticks all the boxes and not just some of them. Our kitchen showrooms are a brilliant example of some of the possibilities.

Adding an indoor garden is something very personal and doesn’t suit everyone’s needs but it is a beautiful way of bringing life into a kitchen space. So, have a chat with your designer to find out how you might be able to bring garden life into your new kitchen.
Visit one of our kitchen showrooms in either Eltham or Blackburn for inspiring ideas you could use in your new kitchen design.