Handling Your Style

Timber And Copper Handle

Handling Your Style

Handle styles to consider for your new kitchen

The humble handle is often overlooked or quickly brushed over during the decision making process but when you consider it, they really can impact on the final look of the kitchen. Just like the right jewellery completes an outfit, the right handles complete a kitchen.

There are many styles to consider, the simplest choice being the style that matches your kitchen. However, it is possible to do something different and put a modern style handle on a traditional style kitchen and visa versa. Style is one thing to consider, another is colour or material. Handles come in different metals; stainless steel, copper, aluminium, nickel, timber, etc. When choosing your handles, be sure to look at them with the other colours and finishes you have selected to make sure they all work together, remembering also that most appliances are stainless steel.

Our kitchen showrooms located in Eltham and Blackburn are set up with full size display kitchens using a number of different handle styles.

Below are some examples of different handles styles you might consider for your designer kitchen.