Fisher & Paykel DishDrawers

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Fisher & Paykel DishDrawers

DishDrawers make all the difference.

I recently visited E & S Trading to do some research on Fisher & Paykel DishDrawers. They’ve been around for over 20 years but somehow, not many people have heard of them and not many other brands have copied the idea. I was keen to get to the bottom of this and know why those who have them love them!

Lets start from the start. What is a DishDrawer? It’s a dishwasher but, it’s a drawer. You pull the drawer out, load your dishes in from above, close the drawer and run it. Sounds simple because it is! Since drawers for storage in a kitchen are all the rage, it was no surprise to me that a dishwasher of the same concept wouldn’t have the same response.

Since perfecting the method, Fisher & Paykel have a couple of model options for their DishDrawers.

  1. Double drawer; the same size as a traditional, freestanding dishwasher but with two separate drawers that run independently. A sleek, simple design that would fit into any kitchen design. One of the options is also available for integration (add a decorative panel to the outside to match your kitchen cabinetry).
  2. Single Drawer Tall DishDrawers; These are a single, separate drawer that’s deeper than one of the double drawers. They can fit larger plates, platters, pots and pans. I know of some households who have a double drawer system in their kitchen for the everyday dishwashing and a Tall DishDrawer in the butler’s pantry to help with the washing up after entertaining.

Fisher & Paykel have found the perfect balance of efficiency, speed and quiet running which are some of the top features people ask for in a dishwasher. Personally, my favourite feature is the fact that the double drawer system run independently of each other. This means you can run a small load without feeling guilty about running it! For a busy family, you can run a breakfast load in the morning and have both drawers empty and ready for the after dinner clean up. Brilliant! Or if you’re a retired couple who only host events once or twice a year, you could use one drawer for the everyday and both only when you really need it. There really is no situation it isn’t perfect for!

Because this is not new technology for Fisher & Paykel, they have learned from experience since releasing the first model. Like any good company, they have listened to the needs of their customer to make sure they’re providing a product that we can really love. For example, the inside of the dishwasher is a grey polymer type plastic, not stainless steel because stainless steel would be too noisy. People want a quiet dishwasher, especially because of open-plan living. Clever!

Personally, I love it when a company understands their responsibility in the industry and steps up to the plate. Fisher & Paykel not only design products that meet our everyday needs, but can forward plan to meet the potential needs of the future. Wow!

Head to if you’re keen to purchase or visit the Fisher & Paykel site for more information on the DishDrawers.