Designing Your Kitchen Around Your Appliances

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Designing Your Kitchen Around Your Appliances

When designing your new kitchen, you will need to consider your appliances. Are you going to re-use your current appliances or will you buy new ones? Either way, we can build them into your new kitchen with a seamless finish.

If you do decided to get new appliances, there are a few things to consider. Other than the obvious things like brand and features, it’s important to consider the look of them in your kitchen. Do you want them to stand out and be the feature or do you want them to hide away so no one can see them? There are pros and cons to both scenarios but, at the end of the day, it will come down to your own personal taste and what works best for your lifestyle. Sometimes, however, this might be dictated by the style of kitchen you’re going for, for example traditional or modern.

Your kitchen designer will be able to help you with your appliance selection, recommend brands and help you choose a style that works for your new kitchen design.

Our kitchen showrooms have many brands of appliances on display. One of our favourite brands is Kleenmaid so you will see a lot of their appliances on display in our kitchen showrooms. Visit their website here:

The images below demonstrate the different looks you can achieve from your appliances so, enjoy the inspiration!