Designer Spotlight – Corey Johnson

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Designer Spotlight – Corey Johnson

Corey started designing for The Kitchen Design Centre in 2010 but his experience in the industry stretches right back to 1988. 11 years of cabinet making and installing experience prior to designing means that Corey knows kitchens and cabinetry inside and out. Now with 14 years of designing experience, Corey has found his groove, feeling as though he’s found his calling. It’s not often someone can say they really love what they do but for Corey, kitchen designing is a passion.

Corey spent 4 years designing in Ireland (importing high end German kitchens) through which developed his keen interest in European design features. He is still strongly connected into the European market and makes sure his designs and concepts for the Australian client are innovative and current.

Drawing the kitchen and figuring out the best cabinetry for the space really drives Corey. The challenge of an awkward space will get him fired up so, he won’t stop until the design is right and the client is happy. The reward? A client in love with their new kitchen!

Some of Corey’s strengths are his attention to detail and ability to meet the client’s brief. Every aspect of a kitchen, no matter how big or small, is mulled over until he is satisfied the client will be happy. Meeting a client’s brief and expectations comes down to Corey’s listening skills. He knows listening well to the needs of the client is what will get him the information he needs to design the best kitchen for them.

Most homes these days incorporate the kitchen, living and meals areas in one space. It’s often a challenge to make the kitchen look like it’s part of these other areas while still remaining functional. Corey enjoys this challenge of marrying these areas together so they flow beautifully and look like they belong together.

Every designer takes a different approach when designing a kitchen but for Corey, good functionality is of paramount importance. The second most important thing is aesthetics. Making this incredibly functional kitchen look amazing is the key to bringing it all together. Good quality appliances, that suit the needs of the client, are the next step. This way, everything flows together beautifully.

With such high standards in his work, it’s an honour that Corey has chosen The Kitchen Design Centre to make his designs become a reality. A quality design for a quality kitchen.

When he’s not busy designing kitchens, Corey loves being a Dad to his three daughters and cycling around Melbourne with his friends.