Bringing The Outside In

Bringing The Outside In

Nature Inspiring Your Kitchen

When allowing nature to inspire your kitchen choices, there are a number of things you should consider in order to achieve the full impact of bringing the “outside in”.

The first of these is colour. Blues of the sky and sea, green of the grass and trees, yellows of the sun and sand are a great place to start. Blues and greens inspire relaxation, encouraging a calm environment. Yellow is a cheerful, warm colour, something to brighten your day!

Texture can also inspire your natural style. Bringing in the textures of the great outdoors will give a very earthy, organic and natural feel to the space, promoting a “one with nature” feeling. Materials like timber, stone and glass (especially if it’s frosted) are the perfect textural elements to invite in.

Adding plants or herbs is an easy way to tie the two environments together but clearly not the only way so, be brave and try something fresh!

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